Prostate Play

What is prostate play?

Prostate play is an activity done through the stimulation of the prostate gland with the main purpose of reaching multiple long-lasting and intense orgasms aside from the possible future health benefits. Prostate play can be performed by one individual to himself, or with help of a partner or a prostate stimulation device. The following are some facts about prostate play.

Facts about Prostate Play:

  • This activity can be easily done, as it can be done without another person’s or gadget’s help, as long as the proper prostate play techniques are followed.
  • Prostate play can be a great source of pleasure as the prostate orgasms that it causes is very different, and may even be better, than the usual male sexual/penile orgasms.

Aside from prostate play being so special, it also gives some benefits to the individual practicing it and here are some of them.

Prostate Play Benefits:

  • Prostate play orgasms are much more intense.
  • There can be multiple prostate play orgasms.
  • Prostate play orgasms can be easily achieved.
  • Prostate play can help increase the health of one’s prostate gland which is very important in lessening the chances of having later in life prostate gland disorders like prostate cancer, prostatitis and others.

Prostate play orgasms can be achieved through prostate stimulation and there are a number of methods to do so.

Different methods of prostate play:

  • Self-prostate massage with one’s own finger.
  • Prostate massage with a partner’s finger.
  • Self-prostate stimulation with the help of a hands-free prostate stimulation device.
  • Prostate stimulation with the help of a partner and a prostate stimulation device.

Different prostate play methods can be employed depending on one person’s comfort level and the stimulation type and quality of prostate play orgasm they want to achieve.

Prostate play devices/gadgets:

Hands-free prostate play devices, designed especially for the purpose of prostate gland stimulation, like the Nexis or Aneros requires more of a passive action and the use of the pubococcygeus muscle in the massaging and stimulation of the prostate gland.

While manual prostate play devices, also designed for the same purpose, like the dildo, employs the use of a more active friction on the prostate gland in its stimulation. Instead of the pubococcygeus muscles doing the work, the device is physically passed over the prostate gland.

The prostate play orgasm sensations produced by the two different kinds of prostate play devices mentioned above may seem different from each other. Some men are finding an easier time with the manual types rather than with the hands-free ones as there is less of a learning curve required but once the hands-free types have been mastered, the orgasmic feeling of sensation can reach a totally different level.

The feeling of prostate play orgasm sensations produced manually with one’s finger or with a partner’s finger is more similar with the one produced by manual prostate devices rather than with the hands-free type due to the fact that the manual types doesn’t require specific muscle control.

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