Can a man ejaculate without sex or masturbation?

prostate massage
Aiden Stone asked:

I already know about prostate massage, but is there any other way?

im just generally curious ;)

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8 Responses to “Can a man ejaculate without sex or masturbation?”

  1. uknudy Says:

    Yes a nocturnal ejaculation, or ‘wet dream’!

  2. Chris Says:

    i dont exactly know
    if you see something or are “weak” and cant hold it in when you see something kinky
    there is that
    lap dancers use the one you sporke of too

  3. Nick_Manchester Says:

    Hi Aiden. Yes prostate massage is one way but there are other ways of course - if a guy gets really turned on in his thoughts and hasn’t masturbated or climaxed for a while then it’s possible or wet dreams at night of course, which amounts to the same thing basically.

    Anyway hope that helped pique your curioiusity somewhat. :)

  4. Mcam© Says:

    Wet Dreams for one =P

  5. crtbryn Says:

    yea you can if you havent wacked one off you can have a wet dream or noctrunal emmisson. I have heard that if you really get into your mind and deep thought you could also ejac too


  6. Tommy Says:

    yes… wet dreams

  7. De B Says:

    yea, im not sure what its called but yea ive seen it lol you can use your mind and muscles around your penis to do this, it may take abit of time at 1st
    i personally think you need to take a small brake from ejaculating so you feel pretty horny. start thinking of something you really ‘like’ and tense our muscles around your penis, be careful to not over do it ^^

  8. Says:

    Hands-free orgasm. Which won’t actually produce ejaculation but you still get the orgasm.

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