Diagram of Prostate Massage Stimulation

For a man, experiencing an orgasm as the result of prostate massage stimulation is one of the most pleasurable sexual feelings possible.

However, because of its delicate location, an explanation and diagram of the male g spot is a helpful tool.

Unfortunately, not everyone is comfortable with the idea of exploring the anal area, either alone or with a partner. For those who are, reaching orgasm – or just enjoying the pleasurable feeling of having their prostate area touched and stimulated – is a unique experience that can open the door for new encounters.

However, before jumping in, it is important to find an informative, trustworthy explanation of the male g spot.

The terms “male g spot” and “prostate” are interchangeable when it comes to erotic stimulation and for the purpose of providing an explanation of the male g spot.

It is usually very easy to find and becomes more relaxing over time. The male g spot is found by locating the prostate, a gland consisting partially of muscle that contributes some of the fluid found in semen. The gland is located about an inch or two inside the anal canal, towards the front of a man’s body.

Prostate stimulation occurs by placing a well-lubricated finger (or a toy specifically and safely designed for this purpose) inside the anus, slowly and gently, and searching for the prostate. Remember the important points of the explanation of the male g spot, since the gland itself is only about the size of a walnut.

The aneros sex toy is a great way to stimulate the prostate with hands free movements. I love to use this toy in intercourse with man on top positions. Click here for more information.

Although it is stimulated indirectly, a man immediately knows when he or his partner has found it. In fact, some men experience instant arousal that may include an erection, making it a worthwhile experience to spend time memorizing this explanation of the male g spot.

Once the male g spot has been located, it can be stimulated using different types of movements. The most common is stroking, but it pays to experiment. Above all else, stay as relaxed as possible and refer to this explanation of the male g spot to keep things moving along smoothly.

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